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My Mountain Home Restaurant Has Fire Damage, Where Can I Get Help?

5/18/2020 (Permalink)

heavy fire damage in kitchen Fire damage can be severe and close your restaurant. SERVPRO can quickly restore your business.

Call a Company Firm that Offers Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Mountain Home

Restaurants are continually at risk for fire. The flames can burst out unexpectedly because of faulty cooking equipment or negligence on the part of the staff. The chances of a fire occurring are high in restaurants where many people handle the equipment.

What steps should I take after the fire?

After your Mountain Home restaurant sustains commercial fire damage, it is essential to contact your insurance firm to determine coverage. An insurance adjuster can visit the premises to examine the extend of the damage and begin the claims filing process. It is critical to start the fire restoration process quickly. Remember that furnishings, walls, and other surfaces can begin to discolor minutes after exposure to fire and smoke. The longer that smoke residue remains on a surface, the harder it is to recover the affected items. Calling SERVPRO as soon as possible can help minimize long term damage and the items that need replacing.

What are the benefits of hiring a fire restoration company?

Hiring a professional fire damage restoration firm can keep restoration costs lower in the long term and increase the chances of saving décor and furnishings. The process of cleaning soot and scorch marks is thorough and detailed. Even though the fire may be confined mostly to the kitchen, the dining area may also have sustained damaging smoke. Soot can clog up air filters for days or weeks, and smoke odor is difficult to remove. Smoke particles can also cause:

  • Paint and plastics to become discolored.
  • Metals to start tarnishing.
  • A foul odor to emanate from fabrics and upholstery.

Fire damage in a restaurant can leave employees out of work until the building is repaired and can reopen. Our fire restoration experts can remove the soot damage and deep clean the affected areas to help you get back to normal operations.

Is it possible to have hidden fire damage?

Yes, hidden fire damage is a severe problem. If restorers miss any area, it can have an impact on the safety of your restaurant. Our SERVPRO team can decontaminate crawl spaces, HVAC systems, and air vents so that soot does not cause unpleasant odors and discoloration. We can thoroughly search for hidden smoke damage and safely clean all the affected areas of the restaurant. We apply the elements and principles of cleaning to restore materials to preloss sate and reduce the loss expense of your fire claim.

SERVPRO of Wood River Valley is available on an emergency basis to handle fire damage in commercial properties. Call us at (208) 788-0183 for a quick, effective restoration of your restaurant.

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Don't Let Flood Damage Impact Your Mountain Home Bakery

3/16/2020 (Permalink)

 SERVPRO drying equipment in water damaged building We can dry your water damaged building. Call us today!

Removing Commercial Mountain Home Flood Damage from a Local Bakery 

While Idaho business owners may feel safer from ground or flash floods than US entrepreneurs living at or below sea level, the truth is that flooding can happen anywhere and at any time. The nearby Snake River can overflow and overwhelm nearby structures easily, even though elevation levels in Idaho are over 3,000 feet high. Many local businesses, particularly small, single-structure operations, are seldom equipped to address disasters of this scale.  

If your Mountain Home commercial facilities need flood mitigation, SERVPRO can send an emergency response team to your business within hours of your call. This team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, to restore your commercial space and functional, clean, and safe condition for all occupants. These mitigation pros, along with over 1,700 other franchise locations in the US and Canada, are uniquely positioned to respond as quickly as possible to disasters. 

Determining Your Flood Insurance Needs Fast

  • Commercial property insurance does not come with flood coverage. However, you can consult with the National Flood Insurance Program about acquiring flood coverage for your business 
  • Flood insurance covers your building and the contents needed to run your business. Property outside of your building, business vehicles, and financial losses incurred by a disaster are typically not covered.  
  • You can determine flood damage risk by researching local flood maps and FEMA's national flood risk map. 
  • Flood policies do cover mold damage caused by a flood, but not mold that existed before flooding. These claims are assessed on a case-by-case basis to determine appropriate compensation after filing. 

SERVPRO technicians utilize extraction systems that address various depths of floodwaters, as well as auxiliary power sources for them if the power at your facility is out. Before extraction can begin, technicians carefully remove debris and solid contaminants that can affect the safety of your business. Gas-powered submersible pumps are ideal for standing water two inches or more. Squeegees, mops, and extraction wands can remove water from hard flooring surfaces like tile and polished concrete.  

SERVPRO of Wood River Valley can leave your business looking, "Like it never even happened." You can contact (208) 788-0183 24/7 for commercial cleanup services from an experienced emergency-response team.  

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SERVPRO Keeps Your Coffee Hot during Water Loss Services in Burley

1/28/2020 (Permalink)

small shop with red and white awning, hanging blank sign on door Burley Cafes and Shops Stay Open for Business When SERVPRO Responds Rapidly to a Water Loss

Keep Your Burley Café Open by Calling the Experts for Commercial Water Removal

Whenever you have a leaky roof and water spilling into your Burley business, it is never a good day. The last thing you want is for water to drip down onto your customers or onto food preparation areas, which quickly becomes an unsafe and unsanitary situation. This is when calling the professionals to help with commercial water removal is your best course of action.

Contacting the SERVPRO skilled technicians to come out to address your leaking roof due to damage or an overhead pipe bursting helps to ensure you have the water removal in Burley that you need, and fast. The faster that trained technicians arrive, the easier it is to reduce the amount of damage inside your café. Ignoring the problem or trying to tackle restoration on your own can cause a much bigger, costlier issue if your business has to close for any length of time.

Once you call SERVPRO, we send out technicians that understand the water removal and restoration process. We work around your schedule and help you keep your business open, all while protecting your equipment, pastries, and all other products inside. We can work off-hours if that is feasible to minimize disruptions to foot traffic in your eatery.

Whenever there is water damage to the ceiling inside your café, our WRT water damage restoration technicians remove any stained, water-soaked materials. We use advanced technology to enhance airflow throughout the ceiling above, including air movers, ventilation fans, and dehumidifiers. This creates an environment that enhances water evaporation for the best and most efficient result. Pulling out whatever moisture levels possible helps to leave your café up and running, and reduces the chances of any further damage happening. We understand that a retail shop dealing in consumable products may also need the okay of food inspectors before reopening in the case of significant water damage or flooding.

Once your business suffers water damage of any kind, it is best not to wait to get the help that you need. SERVPRO of Wood River Valley is available whenever you need us for cleanup and restoration. Give us a call at (208) 788-0183 for commercial water removal, and we make it “Like it never even happened.”

We Act Fast In Burley When You Need Water Damage Restoration

12/13/2019 (Permalink)

Our drying equipment machine restoring the moisture content levels on this concrete pad We removed the padding and carpet and set up drying equipment to restore standard moisture content levels for the concrete pad in this property.

Debris Removal for Flooded Burley Apartment Buildings

Substantial water loss incidents can leave dust, dirt, debris, and other particulates throughout your Burley apartments. Not only is the removal of this water something that is often out of the capabilities of property owners, management groups only entrust the general upkeep and maintenance of the apartments to designated employees. Extensive restorations encompassing multiple units often falls to the experience of trusted preferred vendors like our SERVPRO team.

Burst pipes or faulty appliances are conventional catalysts to substantial loss incidents that leave you needing water cleanup for a Burley apartment building. Though you are often informed of these emergencies immediately from the residents of the building, any time where heavy flow engages sensitive materials like drywall and ceiling tiles could be enough for a destructive result. The professionals you secure to help must have extensive water restoration experience, not to mention the education to safely remove debris and repair damaged structural elements.

Through the movement and path of the water damage as it migrates through the building, it can pick up considerable dust, debris, and dirt. Rubble and deteriorated structural surfaces are also a common element to encounter in the apartments that experience the worst of the water damages, as saturated ceiling and wall materials can buckle under the weight and collapse. Our SERVPRO professionals can address these concerns by shoveling out the heaps of debris and vacuuming up other loose particulates after extraction completes.

With the area somewhat cleaned, our team can finish controlled demolition efforts on areas that have not structurally failed but are too severely damaged to remain. Flood cuts and material removal permits direct access to our centrifugal air movers and desiccant dehumidifiers. With shared wall cavities that can affect multiple properties simultaneously, thorough drying of your building can prevent lingering moisture ideal for microbial development.

Many people depend on a fast and experienced response to any emergency that threatens the apartment building where they live. As the building manager, you should seek out the expertise and the fast response of our SERVPRO of Wood River Valley team. We can help you to make these losses “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime at (208) 788-0183.

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Why Mold Damage is No Friend To Restaurants in Burley

10/31/2019 (Permalink)

empty restaurant with wood accents Make sure that any water damage in your busy restaurant is handled right away. Contact SERVPRO for effective service.

Using A Professional Mold Damage Remediation Specialist For Your Burley Area Restaurant

Simple water intrusions can lead to extensive mold issues, which makes it hard to decide whether your current situation warrants the attention of a professional. Regardless of whether you experienced a leak in a faulty appliance in your kitchen or extensive flood damage in your dining area, getting an expert opinion is always your best bet. 

When dealing with mold damage in your Burley area restaurant, you want to know that everything that could happen gets done to protect your employees and guests. With that said, you should understand some of the steps involved in your mold remediation process, even though other steps may be necessary to do the job right. Remember, safety takes priority over all other circumstances.

SERVPRO mold remediation technicians help contain your mold contamination, preventing the spread to uncontaminated areas, and protecting everyone involved. We work hard to salvage foodstuffs that are stored. Accomplishing our goal of full containment may include the use of a variety or combination of methods. 

Technicians may:

  • Install 6-mil plastic sheeting as barriers.
  • Establish negative air pressure within the contaminated area.
  • Seal the vents in your HVAC to prevent contamination of your duct system.
  • Establish clean and decontamination rooms for entering and exiting the work area. 

Establishing containment in this way helps SERVPRO technicians maintain control, allowing you to continue normal operations in some instances and often helping you avoid losses in revenue while your restoration is underway. However, not all situations allow your doors to remain open. Therefore, we make ourselves available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week so that technicians can perform services after-hours. You gain access to expertly trained professionals when you need them most. 

As your locally owned SERVPRO, we live and work in this community too. We understand your circumstances, are close by and respond, “We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.” Our technicians can perform various containment, cleanup, disposal, drying, deodorization, and mold remediation services specifically designed to adjust to fit your unique situation

SERVPRO of Wood River has an entire GREEN FLEET standing by to provide quality mold remediation services to businesses throughout Mountain Home, Hailey, Rupert, and surrounding areas. Call our offices for additional information or to schedule your property's initial inspection, today. (208) 788-0183

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SERVPRO Is Prepared to Get Your Burley Business Back After Water Damage

8/28/2019 (Permalink)

Bursted pipe Don't let your Burley business be taken over by water damage. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for remediation assistance.

The Technology SERVPRO Uses for Water Removal from Burley Grocery Stores

Over decades of service to business owners across the country, SERVPRO has developed a water removal strategy that maximizes the speed of our services. Efficient water removal work helps to prevent expensive long-term damages (such as mold growth or foundational damage) from happening and reduces the time we need to spend restoring your business to the way it was before the incident. We use state-of-the-art technology for these situations, with large machinery and highly effective tools that allow us to combat water damages in industrial spaces and large commercial establishments. Here are a few of the ways that our technology helps us to remove water from your building.

Industrial-Strength Extraction Pumps

While lightweight, portable water pumps may be sufficient for small-scale water removal projects in Burley, many of the disasters we deal with locally require us to bring out our high-powered industrial water extraction devices. These truck-mounted pumps can rapidly remove standing water from large commercial floor spaces in even the worst situations. Rarely, when disastrous flooding happens to exceptionally large buildings, we may even bring in additional pumps to make sure that all water extraction occurs in a timely fashion.

Strategic Drying Tool Placement

We rely on air movers, powerful fans that create directed air currents, to handle any drying that gets done after we extract standing water from the building. In a grocery store, these air movers are often positioned along aisles and alongside damaged walls to pick up more moisture from the area. Once we have water airborne inside the building, we can then collect and remove it with our thermal dehumidifying devices.

Moisture Detection Technology

Some of our most recent technological advances have been related to our moisture detection equipment. Handheld electronic devices like thermohygrometers and infrared detection tools help us to identify pockets of water and moisture inside your building even in areas where no signs of damage may otherwise be present. Thanks to these tools, we are more effective than ever at finding and eliminating potential sources of additional damage before they can cause further problems for your business.

SERVPRO of Wood River Valley provides 24/7 emergency response services for local homes and businesses facing water and flood damages. Call us at (208) 788-0183 for help or a quote.

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We Get You Back To Business In Burley After A Water Damage Disaster

7/10/2019 (Permalink)

After you experience water damage you can expect a thorough damage assessment and a plan for restoration.

Prepare for the Deluge: Plan a Water Removal Strategy for Your Burley Business

You do everything possible to build backups into your Burley business plan. Temporary employees, cloud storage of essential documents, and alternative suppliers are just some of the ways you ensure business goes on as planned when individuals make missteps or unforeseen emergencies occur. It is past time to develop a property damage disaster response to top off your company’s toolbox. We offer a unique and reliable product for your consideration.

Pipes burst, sewers back up, and roofs leak, any of these events causing an urgent need for water removal in your Burly business. You cannot anticipate the timing or the severity of a commercial water loss, but you can partner with us to outline a practical and efficient response that saves time and money. Companies that fail to take the time to think about possible catastrophes and solutions close their doors permanently nearly 50 percent of the time after a crisis does catch up with them.

SERVPRO’s Emergency Ready Plan and Profile (ERP) has two phases. Completion of both places a concise and custom-made digital document in the palm of your and our hands, available to guide our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained work crew through a fast and successful resolution of a water removal emergency in your commercial building or space.

One of our seasoned project managers visits your commercial property, documenting the layout, pinpointing the location of equipment and utility shutoffs, and discussing your day to day operations with you or your staff. Expect SERVPRO to use our years of experience and knowledge of up-to-date industry best practices to make recommendations that, when implemented, can limit your exposure to severe damage from water incursions and minimize the disruption to your provision of products and services to your customers because of water damage and our efforts to remediate.

You use SERVPRO’s mobile app to add crucial details like designated agents to act on your behalf if you are unavailable for any part of a water removal crisis. Provide contact information for the vendors and contractors that helped you personalize the space and build your systems. The app also lets you appoint us as your preferred disaster response company to streamline the process.

Partnering with full-service restoration team at SERVPRO of Wood River Valley through an ERP gives you, your employees, and customers peace of mind. Set up an initial assessment today by calling (208) 788-0183.

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We Can Restore Damaged Exhibits And Artifacts In Your Burley Museum After A Flood

5/20/2019 (Permalink)

You can always count on our experts to offer effective solutions with advanced equipment to make flood effects “Like it never even happened.”

Protecting Exhibits And Artifacts In Your Burley Museum

Historical and cultural centers are more common to Burley, and the entirety of the Wood River Valley, than many residents might believe. Entire counties devote buildings to the displays of the rich cultural influences and history, but much like a museum anywhere, disasters prove to be a constant and total threat to these facilities. Especially with scenarios like flooding, exhibits and artifacts become immediately at risk of irreparable damage from oversaturation, moisture damage, and other effects that could result from this situation.

Our SERVPRO professionals understand how vital the recovery of flood damage is for your Burley museum, so we work to respond quickly to these situations with the equipment and experienced personnel to help. We have water restoration specialists with accreditations from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), giving these professionals extensive training with structural drying and content recovery as well as mitigation solutions that the museum’s structural elements require.

With artifacts or exhibits directly affected by floodwater, it is important for our SERVPRO team to remove these items from the premises as promptly as possible. These contents get safely moved to our nearby facility for focused drying, cleaning, and recovery efforts. For documents, we have freeze-drying solutions that can help to prevent the loss of these often one-of-a-kind parchments and decrees.

We realize that excessive moisture and dampness can often be as detrimental to these relics and recovered items from the past. Our professionals can address these concerns with moisture reduction equipment like our Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers and our high-velocity air movers. These machines can work together to force-dry moisture and saturation from the affected areas of the museum.

With many of the historical items, documents, and county and state history on display, flood recovery and restoration must begin immediately when disasters strike. You can always count on our experts at SERVPRO of Wood River Valley to offer effective solutions with advanced equipment to make flood effects “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime you need us at (208) 788-0183.

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Why We Have The Effective Strategies To Handle Your Water Damage In Your Mountain Home Hotel

3/27/2019 (Permalink)

When you have water damage, we arrive as soon as possible, remove the water, dry the area, and then the routine is restored.

Effective Drying for Your Mountain Home Hotel

Water loss incidents can spread quickly throughout your Mountain Home hotel, which in turn can affect multiple areas simultaneously. The only effective way to reduce costs in restoration and mitigation for a substantial water loss incident is to respond to the situation quickly by reaching out to our professionals. Our team has a 24-hour response to emergencies, making us able to handle large loss recovery situations like this by working immediately to thwart their spread throughout the building.

There are many effective strategies for water damage mitigation in your Mountain Home hotel, and our professionals can work quickly to get them started upon our arrival. With our vast inventory of extraction and drying equipment, we can effectively handle even widespread effects that impact large portions of your hotel simultaneously. Our mitigation efforts begin with effective extraction equipment designed to remove pooling water and oversaturation quickly to reduce distortion of construction materials that lead to required removal and replacement.

Drying is one of the most efficient ways to prevent catastrophic loss with a considerable volume of water spreading throughout the property. The use of air movers, LGR and desiccant dehumidifiers, and our Injecti-dry system can help to curb the spread of the damage while protecting exposed elements. Air movers can get installed in many places throughout the hotel to begin forcing heated air into many areas and saturated materials. These machines force moisture into the environment, which then our effective dehumidifiers capture and remove from the vicinity.

While substantial water damage incidents that occur in your hotel tend to require some degree of tear our and reconstruction, the faster that our SERVPRO professionals can get to work on drying efforts, the better able to prevent this reconstruction and renovation we become.

We strive to provide fast service and mitigation work that lowers restoration costs and makes the process more efficient. Whenever disaster strikes, you can trust our SERVPRO of Wood River Valley response team to bring the full measure of our extraction and drying equipment to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (208) 788-0183.

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Don't Hesitate When Your Office Building In Burley Experiences A Water Damage Disaster!

2/5/2019 (Permalink)

You can reach us anytime that you need us!

Water Cleanup From Short Pile Carpets In Burley Office Buildings

Your Burley office building requires upkeep and maintenance to stay operating at its optimal levels. While cleaning and maintenance become routine, disasters can occur that threaten the investment that you have made aesthetically in the office, not to mention preventing your employees from returning to the facility until the damage has gotten restored. Your carpeting throughout the building can often absorb the worst of water damage, and it requires our advanced equipment and expertise to prevent large scale tear out and replacement.

While sometimes water cleanup for your Burley office is little more than using a mop and bucket, many situations require more advanced equipment and approaches than this conventional cleaning method. Our SERVPRO technicians can arrive quickly to an emergency in your building, offering the full measure of our resources in the Green Fleet of service vehicles for extractions and drying to protect and preserve affected materials.

Removing the saturation from the short pile carpets requires several tools in the arsenal of our SERVPRO professionals. From weighted extractors which force water from the subflooring to the surface and our air movers and dehumidifiers which work to remove moisture from the environment, we can make water damage “Like it never even happened.”

Carpeting is already a magnet for dust, debris, and sediment. These particulates collect around the base of the fibers in the carpet, forming a mat of dirt along the base of your short pile. Cleaning these materials regularly can help to protect them throughout their life and even extend the life of the carpeting in your facility beyond its expectations. Our premier steam cleaning and dry-cleaning services can also bolster the aesthetic appeal of your office building for customers and employees.

Protecting your investments in the construction materials of your office building demands a fast response to water damage emergencies. Give our SERVPRO of Wood River Valley restoration technicians the opportunity to show you how our training and advanced equipment can make a positive difference in your building. You can reach us anytime that you need us at (208) 788-0183.

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WOW!! A Sun Valley Greenhouse Needs Water Removal and Moisture Control?

12/17/2018 (Permalink)

Sun Valley Greenhouse and All COmmercial Structures Benefit from SERVPRO Water Removal and Dehumidification Services

A Commercial Water Removal Team Dries Out a Drenched Sun Valley Garden and Nursery Shop

Watering systems in Sun Valley greenhouses often run overnight to keep plants from drying out in the trapped heat in a greenhouse environment. Kinks in a hose can cause sudden problems that damage inventory and threatens equipment. SERVPRO's professional teams can help restore everything and get your business operations back to normal.
When a greenhouse facility in Sun Valley suffers a disaster from blocked or kinked hoses, commercial water removal teams can fix the problem. SERVPRO specialists use extraction equipment designed to remove water quickly and get the area ready for us to bring in our air movers and desiccant dehumidifiers to alleviate the dense humid condition.
Because a greenhouse is generally humid, we consult with the owner or manager to adjust our expectations regarding the desired moisture content. Overdrying really cannot happen in an intentionally humid space, but when we achieve the correct amount of water vapor in a greenhouse, continued efforts at drying things becomes counter-productive.
Most greenhouses contain drains in floors where excess water can safely run off, but potting soil and other loose materials such as sphagnum moss may clog these drains. When this occurs, we extract standing water with hollow wands that draw the water up and deposit it into secure chambers for easy disposal. This water might contain fertilizer, weed killer, and insecticides. Proper disposal protects our environment.
We must immediately dry out any inventory that becames waterlogged during such accidents or place it on damaged inventory sheets (CCIS.) You can turn these into your insurance adjuster when you file the claim to help your restoration efforts. Any destroyed inventory or equipment requires disposal to prevent microbial and other disastrous effects from occurring inside your facility. If other non-greenhouse locations experienced invasive water, we continue to dry these areas and also make a note of any significant damage to other items that might require replacement or extensive repairs.
If your greenhouse, nursery or other commercial property in Hailey, Gooding, or Ketchum sustains flooding from a watering system gone awry, SERVPRO of Wood River Valley can help with commercial water removal services. Contact us at our 24-hour service number, answered every day of the year, by calling (208) 788-0183. We understand the need to restore normal operations to your business again and can help you by making sure we restore everything “Like it never even happened.”

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