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Rainwater Damages Master Bedroom Suite in Mountain Home

Homeowners take pride in their master bedroom suites, tailored to their personalities and desires. When an open window allows driven water from a passing storm ... READ MORE

Burley Stormwater Damaged Basement Plus

Sump pumps play a key role in controlling flooding in basements after severe flooding events. They also help to maintain a desired RH relative humidity level by... READ MORE

Burley Fire and a Remodel

Sometimes a house fire can have a positive outcome for Burley area homeowners. The old, out-dated kitchen and living room covered with fire-damaging debris and ... READ MORE

Water Leaks, Mold Damage, and Why Call SERVPRO for Mountain Home Help

Persistent leaking from a water line inside an exterior wall behind the kitchen sink can end up being an expensive situation. SERVPRO of Wood River Valley often... READ MORE

Water Damage In Hailey

After your home in Hailey experiences a water damage emergency, you need to call our crew at SERVPRO! We are ready 24/7 and Faster to Any Size Disaster. Our fas... READ MORE

Commercial Water Intrusion in the Burley Area

Scheduled conventions, meetings, and symposiums are the lifeblood of commercial centers, not only in the Burley area but throughout urban Idaho sites. SERVPRO i... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Rupert

Our highly skilled experts are ready to respond 24/7 to your storm damage emergency. You can depend on us for professional restoration services. We will arrive ... READ MORE

Burley Content Fire Damage in a Garage

Improperly stored chemicals, rags, paints, and petroleum products can lead to fire damage with an ignition spark from a car in a Burley garage. Yes, it does hap... READ MORE

Fire Damage In Burley

Don't let fire damage get you down we are here to help! Our experts are ready and prepared 24/7 to respond to your fire damage emergency. We will arrive quickly... READ MORE

Fire & Smoke Loss in Mountain Home

This commercial enterprise was vandalized when a waste container was ignited. The materials burned very "wet" meaning the sooty-like residue stuck strongly to e... READ MORE