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My Burley Home Has Flooded, Where Can I get Assistance?

5/9/2020 (Permalink)

home interior suffering water damage We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

You Can Call SERVPRO to Perform Flood damage Restoration in your Burley Home

Flooding in a home can be frightening and more devastating than you realize. Apart from the short term effects that you may notice immediately, you should be concerned about the long term effects. It is vital to hire a flood damage restoration company as soon as you can.

What are the short and long term effects of flood damage?
When a flood damages your Burley residence, you may experience some effects without proper flood restoration. These effects include, but is not limited to:

    •    Damaged belongings – Even minor flooding can cause damage to your belongings. Some of your belongings can be salvaged, and others must be discarded. Our SERVPRO team can classify the items into salvageable and unsalvageable categories.
    •    Unsanitary conditions – It is necessary to clean up your home after flood damage to eliminate microorganisms that can cause disease. Our team can wear the right attire and take the appropriate steps to remove the water and clean up the affected areas.
    •    Electrical damage – Floodwater can affect fuses, circuit breakers, light fixtures, appliances, and wiring, among other electrical items. If your electronics or appliances were submerged in the water, make sure a professional checks them before you plug them back into a source of power.
    •    Unpleasant odors – Flooded homes often have unpleasant smells that are difficult to eliminate. After you walk into your flooded home, you may notice a subtle or strong musty odor in it. Using air fresheners or lighting candles cannot mask the smell. Cleaning your home thoroughly and deodorizing it is the only way to get rid of the foul smell.
    •    Loss of value of your home – After a flooding incident, you could face a significant loss of value for your house. Failing to address flood damage adequately can make your home worth less than it is. You can maintain your home’s value if you let our team restore it. Save the paperwork related to the flood restoration project so you can have proof that professionals adequately and properly repaired it. This can help you find a buyer easily when the time to sell your home comes.
    •    Mold development – Molds grow in damp, warm areas with poor ventilation. This kind of environment has nutrients like cardboard, wood, and fabrics, which are an excellent breeding ground for mold.

What is involved in the restoration process?
After arriving at a flood-damaged property, SERVPRO technicians ask several questions to understand the resources and equipment ended to restore it. We perform an inspection and testing to determine the scope of water damage. We describe the current conditions to the customers and explain the restorative process.

It is also critical to remove the water quickly and dispose of it in the right manner. Our team can use various equipment to complete the water removal project. They include:

    •    Powerful pumps to remove the water fast to prevent secondary water damage.
    •    Air moving equipment to improve evaporation at the surface level and reduce drying time.
    •    Dehumidifiers to eliminate moisture from the air. Reducing the amount of moisture in the air lowers the humidity ratio, which helps enhance the evaporation of moisture in the structures and contents of a home.
    •    Moisture detection equipment to take room readings of relative humidity and temperature to gauge the progress.

Our water restoration process also involves cleaning and sanitizing the restoration items that water has damaged.  Some products our SERVPRO crew uses during this process include:

    •    Sanitizers – We use them to reduce the number of microbes to acceptable levels. Sanitizers reduce microbes to the levels public health authorities consider safe.
    •    Disinfectants and germicides – These are antimicrobials that destroy about ninety-nine percent of microorganisms on surfaces where we apply them. They can either affect or not affect fungal spores, which are typically reproductive and dormant bodies.
    •    Antimicrobial agents – These are chemicals used to prevent the development of microorganisms or stop or limit their growth. Examples include mildewstats and fungistats.

We can also perform the necessary repairs based on the restoration plan we have agreed on. Restoration can involve replacing drywall, replacing the carpet, and rebuilding of rooms or affected areas. Our team has the expertise required to provide complete remodeling and reconstruction services.

Is it Necessary to Demolish Walls and Ceilings to Fix Flood Damage?
At times, controlled demolition is a necessary part of restoring a property to fix the flood damage. If some areas within a home such as ceilings, drywall, and flooring have significant damage, we can remove and replace them. We use specific demolition methods so that the structural integrity of a home is not affected. Our team establishes a dryline to ensure that we only get rid of the unsalvageable parts of the affected materials.

Flood damage is challenging to deal with. SERVPRO of Wood River Valley has the equipment, certified technicians, and experience required to restore your property to its preloss state. Call us any time at (208) 788-0183. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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