Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Assisted Living in Mountain Home and a Water Loss

Commercial buildings come in all shapes and sizes and are constructed of a large number of different materials. Mountain Home businesses understand that by call... READ MORE

Mountain Home Distribution Center -- Water Intrusion

Some warehousing of products for distribution is more susceptible to water damage than others. Foodstuffs like peanuts, peanut shells, citrus peels, and the lik... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Mountain Home

Commercial water damage struck this facilities maintenance area during a heavy storm that flooded the parking garage and spilled over into the pictured storage ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Mountain Home Offices

Commercial water damage struck this Mountain Home commercial doctor’s office when a water line in the restroom ruptured flooding the office with potable, ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Intrusion in the Burley Area

Scheduled conventions, meetings, and symposiums are the lifeblood of commercial centers, not only in the Burley area but throughout urban Idaho sites. SERVPRO i... READ MORE

Fire & Smoke Loss in Mountain Home

This commercial enterprise was vandalized when a waste container was ignited. The materials burned very "wet" meaning the sooty-like residue stuck strongly to e... READ MORE